An entrepreneur, coach, international author and a creator of new life stories that resonate in self belief. My readers and those whom I accompany on their journey feel the power of positive emotions that shapes the pathway for discovery and reunion with their own mind, heart and spirit. Together we can wake up and be that person you deserve to be.

My Story

I was born into a humble family of in Granada the south of Spain. I always thought that growing up with the basics in life was just enough and you can imagine the rest, and that's what happened to me. I used to close my eyes and open my heart, to see and image in life what for many would seem impossible.

We did not have money to buy books and I was interested in learning and knowing the stories of all the people I was meeting and that led to my insatiable curiosity about human beings, their potential and the importance of capturing stories of everyday lives.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to know, what is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful, creative and emotional content?

Why do some people struggle in life while others find a way to thrive, even under the most challenging circumstances?

Looking back, I feel many of my friends I have had in my childhood and those I encounter today are in the most vulnerable category and I had a natural calling that gravitated to these people and find a way to help. It is not surprising that today I am the founder of House to Grow, a charity whose mission is to empower people through education for life, holistic health and wellbeing while writing books to inspire and empower you and others.

I have spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, empowerment, and happiness, and I want to share my real world learnings and experience with you through my books as I do believe that the only way to make a better world is growing better people.

I am a passionate advocate for women in leadership and gender equality and as a mother of one daughter and a son I have a dream that my two children will one day live in a world where world gender equality becomes a lived reality.

The pages tell the stories of real world people, the seekers, peaceful warriors, undercover, full of light, who face life with the infinite courage to be themselves and whose resolve demonstrates the commitment to be an unstoppable force for self and good.

These books are dedicated to you.

A book is more important for what it makes you

think & feel than for what it says.

By purchasing one of my books, you will be giving yourself or another a powerful, meaningful gift, as well as contributing to the House to Grow charity for people in need via education and health. Add your grain of sand to our stories to Grow and help vulnerable people to help themselves.

Things I know are true

Have you ever wondered how far it all goes? What is the plan that the universe has for you and what mysteries are hidden behind the stars?

Every great story begins with an extraordinary woman, in this case three generations of women whose lives draw us deep into the very essence of the human soul. Rafaela López Aguilar, an Andalusian psychologist and boxer faces her empty existence. On the day of her thirty-seventh birthday, she receives a mysterious letter that will take her on a transformational journey, shattering the chains of time, where she will not only come face to face with her ancestors and a dark past but also with a spiritual world that will completely change her life and that of humanity as we know it.

An introspective psychological novel filled with magical realism and hints of science fiction that leads us to explore the concepts of conscience and happiness, while also reflecting on social issues such as mental health, domestic violence, religion, sexuality, grief or maternity. This is the story of Belly, Amelia and Rafaela, but in a way, it is also our story. This book is to be truly experienced, bound with the threads of emotion, love, dreams and truth.

And who knows, upon returning from this journey, you may feel the world has become smaller, or perhaps it is you that has grown.

How to Create an Amazing Life

While you were waiting for the right moment to make your dreams a reality, they were taken by others who had the courage to go out and look for them!

Pilar is a life coach and catalyst for life-changing processes who narrates her experiences as she travels around the world. In these experiences, seemingly autobiographical but with a good measure of fact, you will find pieces of yourself in each of her unusual characters, who will disarm you and win you over, drawing you into their dreams, emotions, and learning experiences.

Follow along as she accompanies her characters towards the discovery of their full potential as Pilar shares the essence of what is truly important in life, intertwining mesmerising stories and accounts that will enable you to take control of your life.

This book contains the tool kit we should all carry in our backpacks that will enable us to enjoy life to the fullest, where self-knowledge and applied wisdom become essential for those wishing to transcend limitations.

The story teaches you the keys to regaining your personal strength, so you can enjoy the best version of yourself. This is a must for entrepreneurs, educators, coaches, therapists, and those who want to take their lives to the next level. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

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Your generosity creates the kind of change that lasts for generations and feels incredible to be part of. This change happens through education and health.

Together, we’ll work relentlessly to grow and empower our community, with the knowledge and tools they need to build the future they want for themselves.

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