Growing Healthy International Students

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As many of our team at House to Grow started like you, arriving in Sydney as an International Student, we know how exciting this experience can be, but also the challenges you are facing every day. We want you to feel welcome in our community and that is why we are committed to making your experience the best it can be.

Growing Healthy International Students is an empowering program aimed to promote and protect positive mental health and wellbeing among International Students in Sydney. This is a free program where you will meet other students, like yourself, who are looking to make mates and share experiences during your study, work and discovery in this new country.

Our team has prepared a program exclusively for you, embodying the spirit of House to Grow, all of whom are experts in personal development and will be with you throughout your stay so that you have an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. We are driven, committed, innovative and enthusiastic about growing people, like you, to be brilliant versions of yourself.

We understand your dreams and the obstacles you're facing, but above all, we believe in you. We are excited to accompany you on your journey, begin to model your future and happiness all while meeting new friends in a fun environment. We are looking forward to meeting you as you take part and become welcomed into our big family of Housechangers! Come and express your interest to kick start your great adventure. No worries if your English isn't great, we speak both Spanish and English!

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Growing Healthy International Students

What will you do?

A. Four Group Coaching Sessions (4 hours).

We will use motivational hight impact techniques such as arrow breaking. These techniques will put theory into practice. You will increase awareness, be able to overcome fears, challenge limiting beliefs and spark motivation.

The sessions by topic:

1.Setting goals with success

2.Breaking limiting beliefs

3.Emotional Intelligence

4.Mental health and wellbeing personal plan

B. Fitness classes.

C. Online Emotional Intelligence training (8 hours).

You will get your certificate in a short amount of time from any device and in your own time that will help to increase your job opportunities in Sydney.

Who is eligible?

International students (Spanish Speakers) living or studying in New South Wales (NSW).


Program: Ongoing February- December 2021

We are looking forward to meeting you as you take part and become welcomed into our big family of Housechangers! Come and express your interest to kick start your great adventure. No worries if your English isn't great, we speak both Spanish and English. C'mon register now limited spots available!


Exercise enables you to remain focused, energetic and healthy. It is key to achieving your success.


Our group coaching sessions will help you leverage your full potential by supporting your goal setting, motivation and resilience.


Use your learning and growth to get a better job. Aim for the best work experience, do not settle for less.

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