Colouring Dreams

Creating an environment for children to dream


Colouring Dreams is a personal development experience in a series of 8 workshops designed to motivate, inspire and build confidence in children from 4 to 12 years old who are facing emotional and physically challenging circumstances.

The program’s methodology allows the children to express their emotions and discover their talents through art therapy, music, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Through art therapy, the children envisage and draw their dreams on a pair of white pyjamas. House to Grow pyjamas are used as a metaphorical anchor, connecting the children permanently with a colourful future. This program encourages them to keep on dreaming and hold onto their innocence in the face of difficulties.

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Promotes inclusion and integration by mixing children from different backgrounds in a safe space, where they can socialise in a fun and nurturing environment.

Children learn how to manage relationships and what kind of behaviour to get a positive response from other while developing empathy skills.


Develops of emotional intelligence through recognition and expression of emotions. Children will be educated about feelings - their own and others. It involves being able to notice, understand and act on emotions.

This program’s methodology allow children to increase their emotional vocabulary.



Build the confidence needed to aid emotional healing and strength.

Lower stress/anxiety levels.

Promote creative self-expression.

Foster the development of identity.

Encourage children to recognise and engage with their emotions.

Connect children with their hopes and dreams.

Keep children motivated.

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