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Volunteers are a fabulous resource in any organisation, and are quite often the backbone of many charities and not for profit organisations. They generally bring enthusiasm, unmatched passion, values aligned with the organisation's ethos & purpose, and a "can-do" attitude to the job.

A volunteer who is competent in their role and has received proper training, usually is more inclined to continue with their volunteering, as they feel as though they are making a positive and constructive difference. Volunteers who are not confident typically become stressed due to their inability to fulfill their role, thus discouraging them from returning as a volunteer. Making the most of what volunteers know and can do has obvious benefits for both volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.

Supporting our volunteers in achieving competence and confidence is key. This is because it not only facilitates competency strengthening, but also contributes to motivating volunteers by helping them to achieve and maintain satisfaction in their roles.

Funding and donations to organisations are often directed to front line service delivery and as a result funds spent on training to volunteers/staff are usually given lesser priority. As growth is an ongoing process, volunteers are at the heart of ensuring that our communities can continue to expand and become their best. By offering accessible training opportunities to your volunteer team, you are directly benefiting your organisation’s goals and clients, all while contributing to a organisation culture of safety, mental health and wellbeing.

Emotional Intelligence is an area where capacity building is critically important to the success and sustainability of NFPs.

Using Emotional

Intelligence to Enhance

Volunteer Performance

House to Grow is committed to personal development and to being a key contributor to providing accessible training opportunities for volunteers.

Recognizing that development, involving new understandings and new behaviors, doesn’t happen overnight, House to Grow has partnered with the Cumberland Council for the community. The partnership aims to offer volunteers and organisations in Cumberland LGA a free online emotional intelligence course that covers a range of critically important skills. Volunteers can complete the online training in a short amount of time (8 hours) from any device in their own time and at their own pace. They will receive, upon completion, a certificate that they can present to current or future volunteering opportunities.

The COVID-19 situation is having a big impact in our emotions, motivation and, in some cases, even causing mental health issues in our community such as stress, anxiety, etc.

It is a time to build our resilience, be positive and work together. Leaders and employers need to make sure that their team is mentally safe. House to Grow has taken on such a responsibility to bridge the gap between leaders and employees/volunteers to help offer a positive message for all clients, families and members of our community. Emotional Intelligence and its impact on safety at the workplace, is more of a necessity now than ever before. 

If you are a volunteer or an organisation working with volunteers, express your interest by completing the registration form.

Volunteers ♡ our course!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Each and every session was like opening pages of our past one by one realizing our strengths and weakness. Appreciating good things, analysing where did we go wrong what needs to be improved what is to be practiced for an emotionally balanced mind. Absolutely Inspired and motivated."

"This course is an absolute must for persons of all ages. whether we like it or not the content of the course can be an awakening to where we are at emotionally and prepare us to work on our weakness to reach our full potential in both our work and daily lives in general. Thanks for this great opportunity House to Grow´ team.”

"This course was very informative and fun! I enjoyed the videos as well as the quizzes at the end of each module. It opened my eyes on the importance of emotional intelligence and made me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses when it came to my emotions and my ability to interpret others' emotion as well.”

"I would recommend this course to everyone and one should take this course early rather than later. Additional qualification for community workers for their personal development, helps in developing strong 'People Skills"and how to be an effective worker.”

"Fantastic training! I recommend this training for any student Social Worker, as this type of learning will help you understand your emotional self in order to support those around you in your professional and personal life.”

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