our story

Our founder Pilar López had a clear dream since she was only six years old. When she was asked "what do you want to do when you grow up?"

She answered, "I'm going to paint happy faces"

"That's not a job", was the reply.

"Then I will not work, I will only paint happy faces", she said.

what is

house to grow?

House to Grow is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers vulnerable children in unhealthy environments and women affected by domestic violence through personal development, education for life and holistic health. We try not to limit who can come to us, we encourage and support any individual that seeks personal development, education for life and holistic health.

We also deliver educational programs to organisations, community groups and people in need.


We aim to transform lives through education, health and personal development based on the four pillars of human essence: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Our objectives are to promote social inclusion, education for life and foster health and well-being.

Awaken the consciousness of people toward the discovery of their potential.

Inspire the world positively in support of the most vulnerable communities.

Create a network of change agents that will engage companies, government organisations, communities and individuals to empower the most vulnerable groups.



We commit ourselves to use our resources effectively to achieve tangible results, and to be totally transparent with our collaborators, donors, organisations, and groups that we support.


We give our collaborators the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and spiritually allowing us to develop successful relationships in pursuit of our common goal.


We do not know limits when it comes to pursuing our objective but always working within the framework of legality, morality, and ethics.


We believe that social cohesion makes us responsible for our fellow citizens, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. This is the motor that drives us to act and move others to action.


Our team is made up of people who challenge existing paradigms, get rid of mental taboos and take risks to design and plan innovative proposals that take us to the next level.



Pilar López

CEO & Founder

Peter Vodicka

Director & HR Manager

Jason Cowland

Executive Advisor

Adriana Gordo

Volunteering Coordinator

Bruna Ferreira

eLearning Designer

Edel González


Hannah Wilcock

Communications Editor

Maribel González

Administrator & Program Coordinator

Miguel Puno

Video Producer

‘After a lifetime working with people in the personal development world, I have learned that there are no people more powerful than those who know themselves, know their strengths and areas for improvement, who believe in their potential and develop the attitude necessary to carry out their life projects. Each and every one of us are acorns with the potential of an oak, and we can be the source of a great forest. Personal development is the food that facilitates this transformation.’

Pilar López, CEO & Founder

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